Getting rid of a dog

    • When I was 5, my mother gave away my dog and I cried about this loss even as an adult. I cried about this loss all though my life and still think about my Coco to this day and I am in my 40’s now. It is a cruel action to the dog and a cruel action to the child. It wasn’t meant as a cruel action to the child, but it ended that way. My mom told me recently she regretted giving away my dog. So…before you hurt your dog and child forever reconsider giving the dog away. Dogs are pure love. They just need to be trained.

      Terri B.I am going to have to agree with Kim V. My chihuahua was given away while I was away at school when my mom was sick. 😦 I still miss him. He is long dead but I wish I had gotten to see him.

    • Kim V.

      The pain of getting rid of a dog stays forever. Whenever I get a dog now I promise him or her that they will be with me forever. I call it the Coco promise. I am a handicapped woman now and my boy poodle is always by my side. He is right now laying patiently by my side. Actually he reminds me of Coco. I think Coco would have been a good dog if he was trained. At 5, I did not know how and I just cried for Coco. Getting rid of a dog who probably just needs training is like throwing away a  diamond in the rough. ???
    • Kim V. A 80 something year old woman told me recently she regrets getting rid of her dog when her kids were young. About 60 years later she still had regret. All people involved and the dog suffers and it stays with you.
    • The little white dog is my current dog, Duke.  I trained my dogs after Coco. I have no formal training, just love. If you need help understanding a dog, contact me.
    • Duke goes with me to the nursing home to visit the residents. The residents love it and Duke loves it.

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