Always YOU

I’ve always been a strong spirit. My body is weak now after having MS over 30 years. I’ve found this does not change your essence or the essence of those around you.

The ones who depended on you still depend on you. I’ve found the wheelchair doesn’t stop them.  Physically I am slow, but my mind and spirit are strong. My desire is still strong. I can equate my physical challenges to boxing with one hand tied behind your back. You still need to find a way to survive even with challenges. I need to find a way everyday. I just have to find a way without using my legs. The true challenge lies in finding a way.

My point is even if your physical essence changes, you are still you.  At this point I think of Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve’s wife.  She said to him in about 1995 after he fell off the horse,  was paralyzed and in a wheelchair…”you are still you and I love you.” She saw the true Christopher Reeve even when he did not see, recognize, or value himself. When Dana recognized him, then he saw himself. He was there all along. He was just in a different form.

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